About My Social Media Timeline: Six Months Since I Moved to A2

I can’t believe it’s already been half a year since I moved to A2!

It’s also been three months since I last did a post like this. Tbh, I have been pretty busy with school to do anything fun since then. 😕 I’m trying my best this semester compared to last semester to not get too preoccupied with my responsibilities, but *prayer request* I have two important projects both due tomorrow, so I spent my entire weekend completing those. I’m about halfway done with both projects. 😕

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About Yelp and White Supremacy

Before I go into such a ~*controversial~* subject, first, I want to publicize my fundraising efforts for the Out of the Darkness University of Michigan Campus Walk to fight suicide and support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) in funding research, education, advocacy, and support for those affected by suicide. Please help me reach my fundraising goal of $100 by April 14 so I can get a free t-shirt. 😉 No, but seriously, if y’all know well enough, serving folks who have been affected by suicide has always been my calling. My donation page asks for “My Story.” Those of you who know me very well know My Suicide Story. I’m debating whether or not I want to write it. I definitely don’t want to write it now since I’ve been in such a happy mood since the start of the semester. Maybe you’ll see it in a future blog post...

Now onto today’s regularly scheduled blog post:

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The Reason Why I Haven’t Transferred

Since I last wrote a blog post:

  • I survived the coldest temperatures I’ve ever lived through.
    • The coldest temperature it got at my apartment was -13°F with -33°F wind chill. However, I stayed inside during the entire polar vortex.
      • UM never cancels classes, but it did surprisingly when the polar vortex happened last Wednesday and Thursday.
        • I heard in the last 40 years, UM has only canceled classes twice? Either way, it’s that bad that we even created a petition.
        • I felt like they should have also canceled class last Monday during a dangerous snowstorm that nearly left my bus nearly stranded up a hill near two other stranded cars.
          • Another bus crashed into a tree. Thankfully, no one was hurt.
          • I also heard that UM is a residential college, so it bases its decisions to cancel class by the students who can easily walk or take a campus bus to class instead of the safety of commuters. So UM felt it was completely fine for drivers to risk their lives driving to class, but it took into consideration those whose skin would be exposed for more than five minutes during frostbite conditions.
    • The coldest temperature I actually had to be outside for was 6°F and -13°F wind chill. Yeah, my face hurt. 😦
  • I also survived walking about 10 minutes to and from bus stops in the middle of a snowstorm.
  • As far as driving is concerned, I’ve surprisingly had no problems driving my car on icy or plowed roads.
    • For y’all Southerners, the former is actually more dangerous than the latter since snow is soft and fluffy and not slippery like ice.
    • That sign in your car that comes up when you’re skidding has popped up, but my precious 2015 yellow Honda Fit didn’t make me feel like I was skidding! I think it also has to do with my all-season tires, too.
  • The most dangerous part this entire winter was walking on icy sidewalks.
  • Apparently, A2 survived the coldest temperatures its ever seen in the last 100 years.
  • The polar vortex was so bad that gas supply couldn’t keep up with demand. So, the governor of MI asked all of its residents if it could to lower their thermostats down to 65°F or less.
    • First of all, thank God heat is included in my rent because I would not want to know how much my heating bill would have cost this month lol.
      • Because of this, the landlord controls the heat of the apartment. It automatically turned on in October and it will stay on until probably April, let’s be honest lol. I can control how much heat comes into my apartment, but I can never fully turn it off, which is good in that I don’t have to worry about my pipes freezing. However, during “normal” winter temperatures, like, I remember one time it was single digits outside, but my thermometer inside read 80°F. I can’t believe I had to crack a window!
  • So, I also survived having to sleep with socks on. 😦
  • My windows on the inside started forming frost.
    • It wasn’t as bad as some folks’ windows who had frost all over the inside of their windows and their walls! I didn’t save any links, but I’m sure you can still find them on Reddit. The worst thing I saw on Reddit was someone’s toilet tank water which froze and burst the tank! :O
  • I experienced the warmest Midwestern hospitality if that’s even a thing.
    • I promise to never make fun of how “hot” y’all think it is when it gets above 80°F here!
      • No, but seriously, I’ve been so terrified of surviving my first Midwestern winter, so it was great of y’all to validate to this Texas girl that this weather is abnormal.
        • However, 19°F weather is normal. That was the first temperature I experienced outside after the polar vortex. It felt so hot in comparison lol.
  • My car battery died because of the cold, again.

And why has this Southern girl who thinks 100°F is cold still here?

I’ve mentioned this so many times, but I’m worried I’m still in the honeymoon phase at my social work internship or as SSW calls it, field. Also, I do realize that a possible reason for the different reactions I have toward my current unpaid internship versus my former paid full-time position is because of the different dynamics in essentially paying others to not give you menial tasks versus getting paid to pay utmost attention to detail in menial tasks. With all that being said, what I love about my field placement is:

  • I talk about this in more detail in previous posts, but my supervisors truly want me to get the most of my learning aka they’ll never make me do admin work.
  • The other people I work with actually like me. Like, I can be my quirky self and don’t need to be serious all the time in order to get them to take me seriously. Like, I can actually call them friends outside of work.
  • I can’t change the past, but I can create a better future.
    • For instance, someone asked me how to write an email to someone seemingly intimidating. I gave them the suggestions, but I also told them that at the end of the day, the way you write an email shouldn’t determine your ability to be a clinician (or researcher*) and if they have a problem with that then they can go screw themselves.
    • It’s been very healing to give others advice I wish I could have followed myself at my former job.

Tl;dr: Even if I had to jump start my car every day in negative temperatures, it would be worth it because I’m going into a field that’s in such a supportive environment.

Prayer Requests

  • This week’s sermon at church was about loving your enemies. The main message was about showing the same love no matter if someone is wearing a MAGA hat or chanting BLM. The whole sermon was great and it should pop up here in the next few days if you want to listen to it. Anyway, I took the sermon’s message a little bit more specifically as I related my enemy to, as the pastor said, “the coworker who always tries to make you look bad.” So, yeah, I have no problem admitting that I have a problem in forgiving those from my former job. This sermon and my new workplaces are healing, though. I truly pray I can forgive them sooner rather than later.

About My First Week and a Half of Winter Semester: Field Orientation

I’ve finally recovered from my cold and I’m almost caught up with my to-do list thanks to the several inches of snow and below-zero temperatures outside forcing me to stay inside. Thanks for your patience during my two-week hiatus! I hope you’ve used my break to catch up with my two week’s worth of daily Blogmas posts. 😉

This is one of the happiest and most positive posts I’ve written on my blog, so please enjoy as much as I’m allowed to write about my experiences in field aka my required social work internship! I’m probably supposed to be finished reading all the policies about my field placement at Michigan Medicine, but I’ve been so busy with more exciting opportunities at field that I haven’t had the chance to at least read through their policies on social media. I’m obviously never going to reveal any identifiable information about clients, but if you read something in my blog that’s questionable, please lmk! 🙂

In the theme of, well, all of my posts, I wrote way too much. But in the theme of previous consecutive blog posts on the same topic, I am gonna split up what was gonna be a 10+-minute long blog post into daily parts. So come back tomorrow to read about how my classes went!

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