About My Social Media Timeline: Week One Since I Moved to A2

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Sorry that I didn’t post this at my usual time on Mondays at 8:30 AM EST/7:30 AM CST. I’m still trying to get a rhythm going with this new grad schedule. I also intended to post this today at 8:30 AM EST/7:30 AM CST, but I got caught up in dialogue about anti-racism… but that’s for another blog post.

Another apology: Sorry that all of my posts are lengthy! I’m trying to work on that, so this post is yet again the start of another multiple-day series.

Enjoy as I talk about all the things unrelated to grad school that I’ve been up to! This will be told through the lenses of my social media accounts, so if you religiously follow me on social media (which, ngl, kinda weirds me out coming from a few of you*), some of this might be a repeat of what you see. However, I do want to give a few additional commentaries to some of my posts that I couldn’t explain through a short social media posting.

I figured the best way to organize this is by day starting when I moved to A2 because apparently, I post a riveting IG story at least once every 24 hours. (*You know I can see who views my stories, right? Like this is common knowledge, right?)

You don’t need an IG account to view my public IG posts, but you do need one to view my stories. I only realized halfway since moving to A2 that it would be best to also post my stories onto FB for my friends that have a FB, but not an IG. #somanyacronyms

Anyway, for those of you that missed a 24-hour period of my life since I moved to A2 or who have neither an IG nor FB, here are my stories in its original format. I guess I found another use for my YouTube account after all. It didn’t occur to me until when I began writing this post that I should have been saving my stories. I can’t save my 24-hour stories as one video once the 24 hours is up, so they won’t be presented in their original format. Instead, you’ll see them as aesthetically unpleasing screenshots from my archive. This whole blog thing has been a “learning as I go” kind of thing, so I will remember to save my stories properly next time I ever decide to do a social media blog post like this!

  • Monday, August 13, 2018
      • Speaking of lengthy posts that aren’t as fun as this one, please check out my FAQs if you haven’t already. 😉
      • Lol, the first of many weather-related posts you’ll see on my social media. I get cold very easily, okay? 😦
      • I also like posting positive posts on my IG stories as a reminder to me and y’all that have encouraged me on this journey. 🙂
  • Tuesday, August 14, 2018
  • Wednesday, August 15, 2018
    • img_6930
      • Note to self to never eat here unless my parents are in town to pay for my meal lol.
    • Other Yelp reviews that day:
  • Thursday, August 16, 2018
  • Friday, August 17, 2018
    • img_6932
      • I play Pokemon Go! #TeamValor Please add me if you’re one of the few that still play it (granted, I took a nearly two-year break and only picked it back up a couple of months ago). I need to complete a quest item of adding three new friends. 🙂 My friend code is 1889 7098 0673 or you can scan my QR code!
        • img_6911
        • Oh that’s right, I found the closest Costco to me because that’s where I caught that shiny. 😛
      • This will inevitably become its own blog post, but I already have an A2 bucket list! One of those items is to see a drag show of one of my favorite queens at the local gay club.
    • Yelp reviews:
    • I also found where is the nearest Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.
      • Sunflowers
        Sunflowers at Whole Foods! Did you know that sunflowers are my favorite flowers?
  • Saturday, August 18, 2018
    • img_6933
      • This is the day when I dropped my parents off at the airport.
      • I immediately took a nap after I got home because I was tired! This was the first time in two weeks I had a moment to myself.
      • I spent the rest of the day unpacking, so not as much social activity today.
      • I hate when I make a typo in an uneditable story post and don’t realize it until much later. 😦
  • Sunday, August 19, 2018
    • Oh so there actually was a whole day when I didn’t post anything to my story or social media! Haha, that’s because I was busy putting the final touches to my new apartment.
  • Monday, August 20, 2018

Before I end the beginning of this series’ post, I know I usually share my prayer requests here. The majority of my prayer requests came up while I was preparing this post, actually. They’re a bit “deep,” so I’d feel weird posting them at the end of a fun-spirited post. I’m not sure if I’ll tack them on the end of Monday’s post (which I hope to be able to post on time!), but I already had prayer requests specific for that post. Suffice it to say that the majority of my prayer requests center on my faith conflicting with social justice. If I don’t go into more detail next week, for the following week’s post, I plan to write about my spiritual journey since moving to A2, which I plan to include there.


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